I Had to be Hurt into Becoming Better…

I’m lucky that the fractures, failures and cracks of my life have been good for me. Good for my character, good for my relationships, good for my change-making. However, I had to be hurt into becoming a better person and … Read More

Box(ed) Thinking

By my calculation I’ve used the phrase ‘thinking outside the box’ 963 times. I’m not alone. Thinking outside the box has become synonymous with the creativity required to solve society’s tough challenges. For the number of us thinking outside the … Read More

Piece of My Heart – Songs in the Key of Change (2)

Watching the video of Melissa Etheridge’s 2005 Grammy tribute to Janis Joplin always starts me shimmering. She performs Piece of My Heart mere days after her last chemo treatment for breast cancer. Melissa is bald. Too tired to move around, … Read More

Songs in the Key of Change (1)

I can’t imagine a world without rhythm and harmony. CS Lewis went so far as to imagine the world of Narnia sung into creation. In The Magician’s Nephew, Polly and Digory find themselves in a darkness so cold and dry … Read More

Compulsive Novelty Hyperactivity Disorder

I have a condition I’ve been struggling with over a lifetime. I’ve noticed that I am not alone. Symptoms include: Faith that novelty and innovation are enough to surmount every social and environmental challenge Head down focus on perfecting the … Read More