Want to improve your Impact?

Between them Vickie Cammack and Al Etmanski have successfully launched numerous social enterprises, organizations, initiatives, social purpose businesses and funds. They have snatched hunches from their environment; mixed and matched them; staked them to the ground with scarce resources; proved they worked, and even managed to scale a few of them. Right now they are exploring the cultural dimensions of change. There is no mistake they haven’t made and few scenarios they haven’t experienced. They’ve had a few hits and a lot of misses. Along the way they learned to tap into six deep patterns of changemaking.

Al’s latest book Impact describes how playing with these patterns enabled Vickie and him to affect the lives of hundreds of thousands rather than hundreds or thousands.    

If you would like to work with Vickie and Al to improve your impact, durability and spread let them know. They have limited time but are keen to engage with groups who are serious about cracking the paradox of short term success versus long term impact.

A great starting point is a “Thinking and Acting Like a Movement” retreat. Taking its name from the first pattern in Al’s book these retreats offer participants an opportunity to apply all six patterns to their work.


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“Thinking Like a Movement, afforded a wonderful opportunity for deep reflection, thinking aloud, and the synthesis of ideas. Collectively we explored “What is a social movement?”, “What might this mean for leadership?” and “What does this mean for me?” We also examined the meaning and value of change.”
Past Participant
“Attending ‘Thinking Like a Movement’ was one of the best investments our organization have eve made. The four day retreat was worth more than a month of work time.”
Past Participant