a six part bookinar series hosted by Tamarack

Why do some social innovations take hold while others fail to spread?

Al’s 6 part Bookinar series involved lively conversation and deeply prodding questions with six of the many individuals who inspired IMPACT: Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation.

Pattern One: Think and Act Like a Movement with Marian Tompson, co-founder of La Leche League

Marian told the behind the scenes story of how she with six other young mothers, began challenging the predominantly negative attitudes towards breastfeeding in the late 1950’s and launched a global movement based that changed the world’s mindset and practice. Marian revealed the secret of La Leche’s success and why love should be the grounding force in movements.

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Pattern Two: Create a Container for Your Content with Jason Mogus, Principal Strategist for the Webby award winning Communicopia

Their conversation explored: sending a breakthrough signal in a tuned out world; the four clovers of outreach; making it easy for people to do the right thing and Jason’s belief that movements are bigger than brands.

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Pattern Three: Setting the Table for Allies, Adversaries and Strangers with Paul Born, Co-Founder and President of Tamarack

Paul and Al explored the transformation of dialogue and conversation from a ‘means’ to address our tough challenges to an ‘end’ in itself. They discussed convening from an inter-generational perspective, ensuring the presence and participation of people with lived experience and addressing power imbalances.

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Pattern Four: Mobilize Your Economic Power with Bill Kelly, Founding Board Member of Ashoka and Strategic Advisor to Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF)

Their conversation started from the premise that mobilizing your collective economic power can be used to further your social change objectives. Bill provided a number of examples to demonstrate that collaboration and mobilizing your economic power are complementary. His advice for first timers – assemble of strong team of knowledgeable advisors and staff who understand how money works.

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Pattern Five: Advocate With Empathy with Sean Moore the founder of Advocacy School

The discussion centred on Sean’s belief that if you want government to become empathetic to your issues, you must have empathy for their challenge. They discussed strategic inquiry, the many sounds of ‘no’, do it yourself public policy, cultivating a network of champions and the 80/20 rule.

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Pattern Six: ‘Who’ is as Important as ‘How’ with Darcy Riddell forest conservation campaigner and Director of Strategic Learning McConnell Foundation

This deeply personal conversation covered the spiritual lives of change-makers. Darcy explained the meaning of grief and loss, paying attention to what has heart and meaning and bringing tenderness into change-making.

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