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Al Etmanski is wise, smart, and tireless in his practical approach to making the world a better place. This new book, written in plain and compelling prose, full of memorable examples, will help us all become more effective citizens of a planet dominated by the unpredictable economics of attention.
Mark Kingwell Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto
Written in an open wonderfully engaging and even humorous way. From Geothe, Tolstoy to Neil Young and Barenaked Ladies references Al conveys so much relevance to broad audiences with humility and good writing!
Diana Wells CEO, Ashoka
A wise, urgent book from one of Canada’s greatest social innovators. Impact offers powerful strategies for anyone who wants to turn good ideas into world-changing action.
Charles Montgomery Author, Happy City
Remember the ‘butterfly effect’ – how delicate flapping can ripple around the world? This is the Etmanski effect – a reminder that we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to ACT – now, on issues that matter, in our daily lives… and some of those acts will become movements that will shape the future. In an era of enormous challenge – this opens a window of hope and possibility. And we can all begin today.
Jack Pearpoint President, Inclusion Press
Today more than ever we need wise action. Al leads us through a journey of learning and insight with humility and passion. He grounds us in the limits of reality as well as the hope to dream and create big change. As a leader in the social innovation field, Al provides both practical strategy and tools combined with inspiring imaginings to help us chart new and impactful ways forward.
Tatiana Fraser Co-Founder, Girls Action Foundation
Etmanski’s observations are important for all social-change practitioners to consider. Pattern recognition is a critical skill to develop in our always-on, information-saturated world. He reminds us that we all have a role to play in social change if we pay attention to the right signals and invest in the right habits. Impact will help many people connect the dots in a practical and accessible manner.
Anil Patel Managing Director, Grantbook
I have been awaiting the arrival of another great book on social innovation ever since Getting to Maybe. Impact: Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation is it. While many books focus on formulaic techniques that may yield short term fixes (e.g. prototyping), Impact explores the underlying rules of developing deeper, broader and more durable solutions to complex challenges. It is wise, humble, enlightening and a great read. This is an important book for anyone committed to building a better world.
Mark Cabaj Here to There, Edmonton
Al Etmanki offers proponents of social change a rich cornucopia of stories, lessons and insights to inform and guide their work. Anyone involved in the heady and confounding business of mending the world will find tremendous practical value in these pages. More importantly, they will be invited to explore the spiritual dimension of their work and the personal journey that is typically a necessary prelude to successfully inspiring change in the world around us.
Liz Mulholland CEO, Prosper Canada
The social and environmental we have cannot be solved by technology or industry but by new types of human relations, new social organizations, new public policies and programs, dialogue and cooperation. All those features are social innovation. That’s what we need. In this book, one of the brightest Canadian social innovators, Al Etmanski, explains simply and clearly how to do it. Impact must be read and then, applied.
Michel Venne Foundere, Institut du Nouveau Monde & Ashoka fellow
Al Etmanski is one of those rare individuals: a leader in social innovation, a system transformer and a thoughtful practitioner, one who can embed his rich experience in ideas and concepts that give wings to our aspirations.

Impact is full of ideas – both inspirational and practical – that can help anyone who longs to make the world a better place take the first step, and the second, and the third. Etmanski is quite simply the best guide we have in that journey of transformation and Impact is his Lonely Planet guidebook to social innovation.
Frances Westley Co-author, Getting to Maybe
In our deepest hearts, we all want to improve the world. A good idea, however, is not enough. Nor is a fancy website, or even an abundance of funding. True social innovation, one that has an enduring impact, requires more. Etmanski, drawing upon his rich experiences in the disability community and beyond, identifies the principles and patterns that we must adopt to become powerful and effective social innovators. With his methods we can move our ideas from the margins to the mainstream and add our contributions to making the world a better place.
Ted Kuntz Chair, PLAN & Author, Peace Begins With Me
Full of insights and practical guidance that I have come to expect from my 'wise traveller' in our SiG journey. This book captures the frustrations change makers feel when they know they are onto to something powerful and possibly impact full if only ...

As a change maker Al recognizes these frustrations and turns them into opportunities. He offers hope rooted in time tested ideology and practicality. From pattern recognition to honouring the value all bring to our social challenges, this book will surface and give guidance to those who want to do good better.
Allyson Hewitt Director, SiG@MaRS
At a time when it can seem that societal problems are surpassingly resistant to change, a set of perspectives and processes linked to the notion of ‘social innovation’ is enabling us to perceive ourselves and the systems within which we live - and as a result - to relate, think and act differently.

Al Etmanski has led and learned from successful social innovations in fields as diverse as disability rights, social finance and public sector reform. His approach is infused with the spirit of ‘bold humility’, and the knowledge that vulnerability and social innovation are inextricably linked.

In this timely, hopeful and practical book, he shows that when we innovate at the level of pattern as opposed to problem, we are contributing to an essential, evolutionary shift in human culture. I highly recommend it.
Stephen Huddart President and CEO, The J. W. McConnell Family Foundation
Impact, arrives at a time when there is unprecedented interest in social innovation in Canada. Canadians, especially young Canadians, are determined to make our world a better place and are striving to develop creative solutions to seemingly intractable social problems. Yet, these social entrepreneurs are doing so in the absence of established best practice, often preoccupied with doing as opposed to reflecting. In this book, Al Etmanski, one of Canada’s most effective social innovators shares his wisdom gained in over 30 years of innovation. This book is as inspirational as it is practical and will be extraordinarily helpful to those who strive to bring about significant social change.
Susan Pigott Chair, Change Foundation & Executive in Residence, Ashoka Canada 2013/2014
This work is a tangible milestone and delicious brain/heart food for those on the journey of social change. A journey that is often guided by instinct and intuition and by trial and error; a journey that is often anchored in the language of academia. In Impact, Al Etmanski moves the starting point of the social entrepreneurs' journey forward by assembling relevant stories and recognizing the patterns, and presenting advice in a concise framework that makes sense for the practical application and scaling of social innovation. The dialogue flows over a rich contextual setting of wonderful successes in social change from across Canada and the world, making for an easy and inspiring read.
Ken Gauthier Founder, Urban Matters CCC & Co-Chair, BC Partners for Social Impact
Al Etmanski is one of North America's greatest social inventors and that's reason enough to read this book. It is a chronicle of the wisdom he has gained in exploring the keys to long-term social change. His findings lead us out of the past to a pathway for progress in the 21st century.
John McKnight Co-Director Asset Based Community Development, Institute Northwestern University
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