Read about the people profiled in Al’s latest book, The Power of Disability: 10 Lessons for Surviving, Thriving, and Changing the World.

Christa Couture

I attended Christa’s performance as a singer-songwriter a number of years ago and have followed her career ever since. Christa is no stranger to loss and the grief that accompanies it. She has a rare and precious perspective on hardship, setback, and being different. I profiled Christa in Lesson 6, “Adversity is an Opportunity.”


“At this point, the experience of losing my leg and having a disability feels like I’ve been to a country most people haven’t been to, and I have this perspective which is so rare and feels precious.”
~ Christa Couture  
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Carmen Papalia – Trust is a Fundamental Ingredient of Democracy

I was drawn to Carmen’s work because of his focus on trusting relationships. His Accessibility Manifesto for the Arts can also be read as a manifesto for citizens on how to make government more accessible for everyone. I profiled Carmen in Lesson 9, “Nothing About Us Without Us.”


“After using their nonvisual senses for a prolonged time, participants begin to recognize looking as one of the many ways to engage with and interpret a place. They realize the opportunities for learning and knowing that become available through the nonvisual senses.”
~ Carmen Papalia