Stories from the book

Christa Couture Sitting on the Ground

I attended Christa’s performance as a singer-songwriter several years ago and have followed her expanding career as a storyteller and radio host ever since. She is no stranger to loss and the grief that accompanies it. She has a rare and precious perspective on hardship, setback, and being different.

Read Christa’s story from the chapter Lesson 6, “Adversity is an Opportunity.” 

Carmen Papalia doing the Blind Field Shuffle

I was drawn to Carmen’s work because of his focus on trusting relationships. His Accessibility Manifesto for the Arts is a testimony to trust between citizens, institutions and those in authority. It can also be read as a manifesto for citizens on how to make government more accessible.

Read Carmen’s story from Lesson 9, “Nothing About Us Without Us.” 

Yayoi Kusama with Pumpkin

I first experienced Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room in a museum outside of Copenhagen. Thankfully there was no lineup since contemplating your place in the universe takes time. Now she is known as the priestess of polka dots, but she was ignored for decades like English artist William Blake. Both created in obscurity and embody the power of imagination.

Read Kusama’s story from Lesson 7, Art Blooms at the Edge.