The British Paralympics – Destination Unknown

Gregor Wolbring is the purest, cheekiest and most prolific commentator I know on issues affecting people with disabilities. Perhaps it's his European origins blended with his Albertan sensibilities as Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary.  He does not … Read More

Shawn Smith – Becoming Visible 2011 – Harnessing Undergraduate Business Education for Social Innovation

Shawn Smith is a young social entrepreneur innovating on a global canvas.  Which is ironic since he is also my neighbour.  One of last year's delights was to appear on a panel hosted by him in Oxford last spring, during … Read More

Vickie Cammack – Becoming Visible 2011 – Faithful Friends

Vickie Cammack is founder and CEO of Tyze – a social purpose business which creates personalized networks and bridges the divide between natural loving care and formal systems of care-giving.  She is also a serial social innovator.  She co-founded Planned … Read More

Jessica Fraser – Becoming Visible 2011 – The Harmony of Contradiction

 Jessica Fraser is a film producer and co-creator of Mobile Movement which provides microfinace (either loans or grants) to 15 youth led initiatives in Nairobi, Kenya. As a donor or lender you get to choose the projects and  communicate directly … Read More

Stefan Lorimer – Becoming Visible 2011 – Entitlement

Stefan Lorimer is a multi-talented digital technology strategist, community advocate and blogger .  Stefan has single handedly built the infrastructure for PLAN's web strategy. He is also the person who convinced me to become intentional and conscious about digital strategies … Read More

Gord Tulloch – Becoming Visible 2011 – Natural Connections

Gord Tulloch is the innovative Program Director of the largest community living organization in British Columbia – possAbilities.  His command of history, theoretical constructs and ethics qualifies him for the indispensable role as the community living movement's philosopher in British … Read More

John Restakis – Becoming Visible 2011 – A Social Market

John Restakis is Executive Director of the BC Co-operative Association in Vancouver. By vocation he is a community organizer and popular educator.  Aside from being a sessional instructor in the University of Victoria's new Masters in Community Development he is … Read More

Peter Nares – Becoming Visible 2011 – Social Innovation

Peter Nares is the founding Executive Director of SEDI (Social and Enterprise Development Innovations) whose mission is to reduce poverty by expanding social and economic opportunities for low income Canadians.  He is the personification of a social innovator.  Peter has … Read More

Peter Deitz – Becoming Visible 2011 – Data

Peter Deitz is a social entrepreneur, micro-finance advocate and the Managing editor of  He has taken on the pioneering task of reporting and distributing information and news on the emerging social finance/social enterprise field in Canada.  Have a look … Read More

Jennifer Corriero – Becoming Visible 2011 – Youth Taking Informed Action (Tread Lightly and Sprout )

Jennifer Corriero is Co-founder and Executive Director of TakingITGlobal.  She and her team have created the largest on-line community of youth interested in global issues and using digital technologies to change the world.   If you ever wonder what the … Read More

Ray Cohen – Becoming Visible 2011 – More Voices of People With Disabilities for the General Good

Ray Cohen has been unlocking the resources of institutions and government agencies to benefit groups often overlooked by big systems since the 1970's.  This includes progressive work in supporting children in care, alcohol and drug treatment and youth employment.  Since … Read More

Brian Salisbury – Becoming Visible 2011 – Co-Production

Brian Salisbury is one of only a handful of experts on individualized funding and direct payments in the world.  He has made it his lifetime work to give individuals with disabilities and their families the financial power to control the … Read More

Victor Lachance – Becoming Visible 2011 – Scientific Inquiry

Victor Lachance is the former President and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.  From that position he helped nurture True Sport and Sports Matters Group into existence.  As such he helped create one of the most effective … Read More

Budd Hall – Becoming Visible 2011 – A Knowledge Democracy Movement

Budd Hall is founding Director of the Office of Community Based Research at the University of Victoria.  I first heard about him decades ago, from friends who counted on him and the university based resources he made available for community … Read More

Ian Curtin – Becoming Visible 2011 – Congruence Between our Inner Selves and our Activism

Ian Curtin has a unique background in business, labour and government.  He understands the tough, complex swirl of personal and external variables that accompany change.  His specialty is helping groups and organizations develop a mutually identified goal, "without anyone being … Read More

Steve Sunderland – Becoming Visible 2011 – Compassion

Steve Sunderland is a professor of Peace and Educational Studies at the University of Cincinnati and founder of an inclusive Peace Village which emerged out of the inner city riots in Cincinnati ten years ago.  His experience at peace making … Read More

Steve Sunderland – Becoming Visible 2011 – Compassion

Steve Sunderland is a professor of Peace and Educational Studies at the University of Cincinnati and founder of an inclusive Peace Village which emerged out of the inner city riots in Cincinnati ten years ago.  His experience at peace making … Read More

Ted Kuntz – Becoming Visible 2011 – An Agent of Peace and Joy

Ted Kuntz is a community activist, disability advocate, psychotherapist and author of Peace Begins With Me.  Here is Ted's contribution to: What would you like to become more visible in 2011?   You can also Download Becoming Visible  -  the complete … Read More

Sean Moore – Becoming Visible 2011 – Improving the Lives of Canada’s First Nations people

Sean Moore is Canada's most experienced practionner, advisor, writer and teacher about public policy advocacy.  For the past several years he has devoted his time to assisting civil society organizations upgrade their lobby and advocacy skills.  To that end he … Read More

Paul Pholeros – Becoming Visible 2011 – Making Simple

Paul Pholeros is a multi talented architect/artist/community organizer who lives in Australia.  I met him at a North-South conference on housing and homelessness and have followed his effective and surprisingly simple approach to this complex challenge.  He founded and directs … Read More

Linda Couture – Becoming Visible 2011 – A Natural End to Life

Linda Couture is the Director of Living with Dignity  a Quebec based organization promoting palliative care, home care and a natural end to life as opposed to assisted suicide or euthanasia.  The Quebec government's Special Parliamentary Committee on Dying with … Read More

Allyson Hewitt – Becoming Visible 2011 – Blending Social and Economic Outcomes

Allyson Hewitt is a force for change.  She has led impressive advocacy campaigns herself including the development of 211 – providing three-digit and online access to social service, community and government information.  Now she heads the Social Enterprise Unit at … Read More

Cheryl Rose – Becoming Visible 2011 – Passion

Cheryl Rose is an accomplished educator, well loved by her students.  She pioneered the development of  Community Service Learning in universities throughout Canada.  Community Service Learning convenes students, educators and community in partnerships to learn from each other.   She … Read More

Cormac Russell – Becoming Visible 2011 – Relying on Each Other

Cormac Russell is a colleague of mine at the Asset Based Community Development Institute.  He is Managing Director of Nurture Development, an Irish training and development agency.  He also works internationally advising governments, organizations and communities on how to re-negotiate … Read More

Gordon Hogg – Becoming Visible 2011 – Our Common Fund of Stories

Gordon Hogg has been a Mayor and then member of the Legislative Assembly in British Columbia for more than three decades.  During that period he has held a number of Cabinet posts leading reforms in the area of disability and … Read More

Nancy Hall – Becoming Visible 2011 – Changing the Mental Health and Addiction Agenda

Nancy Hall is a long time mental health advocate, scholar, strategist and public policy expert.  She specializes in individual and family focused solutions. Last fall she was awarded Canada's most celebrated Clarence Hincks mental health Award.  Here is her answer … Read More

Gregor Wolbring – Becoming Visible 2011 – People with Disabilities as Problem Solvers

Gregor Wolbring is a professor at the University of Calgary.  He pursues ethical questions that affect those of us who are or will become disabled, infirmed, reliant on medical technology or are concerned about the implications of nano – tehnology, … Read More

Paul Born – Becoming Visible 2011 – Community

Paul Born is a man of many talents, all of which he puts at the service of strengthening the ties that bind us together in community.  He is a master convener using those skills to create and sustain Vibrant Communities … Read More

Don Cayo – Becoming Visible 2011 – Civility

Don Cayo is a Vancouver Sun business columnist. His column and his blog tackles globalization,taxation, third world poverty and other issues that matter.   For years he has been mentoring young journalists, leading regular investigative study tours to developing countries.  Here … Read More

Donna Thomson – Becoming Visible 2011 – Me

Donna Thomson is an advocate and international advisor to the PLAN Institute.  She is also the author of Four Walls of My Freedom which I reviewed in a previous post.  Here is Donna's response to: What would you like to … Read More

David Bornstein – Becoming Visible 2011 – Our Hidden History of Bright Spots and Positive Pathways

David Bornstein is an author and journalist.  His book, How to Change the World – Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas  has become a classic for changemakers and social entrepreneurs.  Last year he launched Dowser a solution based … Read More

John McKnight – Becoming Visible 2011 – The Visible Neighbourhood

John McKnight is perhaps the most acclaimed community organizer in North America although in recent years his student Barack Obama seems to have attracted a fair amount of media interest himself.  If you want to observe and understand the strengths … Read More

Denis Rowley – Becoming Visible 2011 – Hidden Gifts and Contributions

Denis Rowley is a social entrepreneur, inspired teacher, disability activist and the Director of Equal Futures, Scotland.  Among Denis' many gifts is a profound knowledge of Canadian folk music.  Denis has become a co-author with Vickie Cammack and I, on … Read More

Caroline Casey – Becoming Visible 2011 – One Billion Member Disability Market

Caroline Casey is a global adventurer, compelling and charismatic international speaker.  She had everyone buzzing during her keynote at last year's Skoll World Forum.  Her home base is Ireland where she founded Kanchi and the O2 Ability Awards.  Caroline is … Read More

Christian Bason – Becoming Visible 2011 – Citizen Insight

Christian Bason  is head of MindLab, a unit for citizen-centred innovation in Denmark. He is part of a vanguard who are creating meaningful ways for government to become innovative and to do so in partnership with community and business.  His … Read More

Bob Williams – Becoming Visible 2011 – The End of Invisibility

Bob Williams is a Board member and living legend at Vancity Credit Union, a former BC Cabinet Minister and British Columbia’s most accomplished social entrepreneur. Here is his answer to:What would you like to become more visible in 2011?  You … Read More

Ted Jackson – Becoming Visible 2011 – Pathways Out of the Precariat

Ted Jackson is a university professor, management consultant and author who is a faculty member in the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University.  Ted and I also share the common experience of having been labourer -teachers in … Read More

Stephen Huddart – Becoming Visible 2011 – Hope

Stephen Huddart is the Chief Operating Officer of the JW McConnell Family Foundation and a critical participant in our Social Innovation Generation collaboration.  The richness and thoughtfulness of his perspective is honed from his extensive background in business, non profits … Read More

Tim Draimin – Becoming Visible 2011 – Social Innovation Goes Mainstream

The legendary Tim Draimin is Executive Directive of Social Innovation Generation (SiG), Chair of Causeway Social Finance and prior to that the founding CEO of the Tides Canada Foundation. He is the key behind the scenes force behind the Canadian … Read More

Arthur Wood – Becoming Visible 2011 – Eleven Global Social Finance Trends

Arthur Wood is the Einstein of social finance.  He  knows the secrets of how the universe's money works! He is brilliant and full of insights and well worth paying attention to.  Previously Global Head Social Finance Services for Ashoka he … Read More

Adam Kahane – Becoming Visible 2011 – Power and Love

Adam Kahane is a best selling author, global consultant with Reos Partners and peace maker.  His abilities have drawn invitations from warring factions to help resolve their differences in many of the world's trouble spots.  He knows how to solve … Read More

Alison Loat – Becoming Visible 2011 – Democracy

Alison Loat is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Samara.  They seek to improve political leadership; the participation of citizens in public life; and public affairs journalism and have adopted a creative multi-communication strategy to do so.  Samara is the winged … Read More

David Eaves – Becoming Visible in 2011 – Comfort with Decline and Death

David Eaves is a proficient blogger and open government activist.  He is in demand as a public speaker and consultant on open government, negotiations, strategy and public policy.  Here is his provocative answer to the question: What would you like … Read More

Stacey Corriveau – Becoming Visible 2011 – Community Economic Development and Environmental Solutions

Stacey Corriveau is the Director of the  BC Centre for Social Enterprise and the founder and Executive Director of Resilient Communities Canada.  She has been the driving force behind the research and adaptation of legal structures that would increase the … Read More

Tim Brodhead – Becoming Visible 2011 – Dethroning the GDP

Tim Brodhead is one of Canada's intellectual leaders and most accomplished activists.  He is also President and CEO of the JW McConnell Family Foundation and co-founder of Social Innovation Generation (SiG).  Here is his response to the question: What would … Read More

Richard Faucher – Becoming Visible 2011 – Leveraging Our Collective Assets

Richard Faucher is a modern courier de bois.  He is Executive Director of the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion.  Read his refreshing call to action below.  Here is his response to the question: What would you like to become more … Read More

Sam Sullivan – Becoming Visible 2011 – Greeting Fluency

Sam Sullivan is a serial social inventor.   He is the Alexander Graham Bell of the disability sector who has now turned his curiosity and creativity to the civic sector. He has created more organizations than anyone I know.  More impressive, … Read More

Delyse Sylvester – Becoming Visible 2011 – Making Change Through Tri-Sector Partnerships

Delyse Sylvester is Director of Community with Ashoka's Changemakers.  Changemakers is a remarkable vehicle for convening people using an on line platform and mobilizing their creativity to solve tough problems.  In this context she was called to lead a Changemakers … Read More

Karim Harji – Becoming Visible 2011 – Increased Opportunities for Youth in Social Finance

Get used to this name, Karim Harji.  You'll be hearing and seeing a lot more of him in the years to come.  Karim is a leading example of a group of emerging leaders in the 'social finance' community in Canada.  … Read More

David Roche – Becoming Visible 2011 – Your Own True Beauty

David Roche has performed in the Clinton White House, at PLAN Institute's annual Thinking Like a Movement retreat on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia and around the world.  He is a natural teacher and natural story teller.  Natural because … Read More