There can be no justice without love

MY NEW BOOK: I was still blushing over Aaron Johannes’ review of The Power of Disability when Markets Insider chose it as one of twelve books that human resource managers should get in 2020 if they want to build diverse  … Read More

The Power of Disability is now available

They, and by they I mean good friends who specialize in spreading the word, assure me you won’t mind receiving the news more than once. My fourth book went on sale today and they urge me to shout it from … Read More

Resurrecting the Ordinary

The Quakers of the seventeenth century thought of themselves 
as “God’s ordinaries.” They meant ordinary in the sense that extraordinary acts are not reserved for the special few. They believed that we are all born with the capacity to be … Read More

Stepping Out

Dear Reader, I’m excited to be back blogging! For more than 2 years I’ve been immersed in writing a new book, Impact: Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation. (More details very soon!) Writing a book in my case meant … Read More

Jim Flaherty, poverty fighter

Today, Jim Flaherty, Canada’s former Minister of Finance is bring honoured with a state funeral. Even his critics acknowledge his commitment to people with disabilities and their families. They point to the Registered Disability Savings Plan as the highlight. My … Read More

Women for The Long Now

I support the Long Now Foundation. It wants to shift our fast paced, fast thinking culture toward long term thinking. Among their many projects they are assembling the 3,500 books most essential for sustaining or rebuilding humanity. Its co-founder Stewart Brand … Read More

"There's always someone trying to make change happen and to make our world even more beautiful"

Stephen Huddart, President & CEO, the J.W. McConnell Foundation

"To transform the isolation and self-interest within our communities into connectedness and caring for the whole.”

Peter Block

10 Reasons for Thinking Like a Movement

Every January Vickie Cammack and I host PLAN Institute's Thinking Like a Movement. This year we;ve added Social Innovation Generation as a co-sponsor. It is a time to share insights and perspectives about social and environmental change we've gleaned form … Read More

Flourishing into Life

Karin Melberg Schwier’s new book Flourish creates the right conditions for a little hell to break loose. That’s because it pays attention to the real stuff of life – beauty, love, hospitality, longing, desire, messiness, passion, pleasure, joy, celebration… This … Read More