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Christina's World print

Disability Digest #3 (January 21 – 28 )

Andrew Wyeth. Christina’s World. 1948. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © Andrew Wyeth Dear Reader Thanks for your feedback on the first two issues of this Digest. I confess I’m having trouble limiting the number of profiles as … Read More


Disability digest #2 (January 9 – 15th, 2021)

Sophie de Oliveira Barata, founder of the Alternative Limb Project, works closely with amputees to create surreal and glamorous prosthetic limbs that “can help to break down social barriers, and delight the eye.” Courtesy #womensart Dear Reader Thanks for the … Read More

Power of Disability Digest Banner

Disability digest #1

UK artist Susan Austin, underwater performance in wheelchair, 2013 aimed to challenge perceptions of disability #womensart. Credit: Dear Reader This is  a beta version of something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, create a digest that … Read More

Never Again

“Making sure it never happens again” is such a potent source of social innovation. This combination of necessity and love is a force of nature. Particularly when it emerges from the hands and hearts of Moms. I see it all … Read More

Generation Without Boundaries

One of the many reasons I’m optimistic about the future is because we will soon be led by the first generation without boundaries. This generation is transcending traditional boundaries and shattering artificial borders. They are shaking things up and making … Read More

Beautifying Social Change

Too much of the conversation about social change is wrapped in the language of policy and finance. While these are important considerations they are limited in describing and realizing the world we want. We need a different language. I propose … Read More

Cherry Blossoms & the Social Innovation ‘Terroir’ of Canada

Have you ever wondered what cherry blossoms in Vancouver taste like? I didn’t have the imagination to even conceive of such a question let alone answer it until I attended a dinner hosted by Elementa a collective of young culinary … Read More