Yearly Archives: 2010

The Wild Abandon of ‘Big’ Jim Schwier

I share many things in common with Jim Schwier but the one that gives me the biggest chuckle is our mutual love of tool belts.  Jim has many other passions and talents.  Some of these are reflected in a letter … Read More

The Thin Place – the Meeting Place

"Heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in the thin places that distance is even smaller." –Celtic Saying One of my pleasures this year was meeting Angeles Arrien at her home base in Sausalito California.  Vickie met Angeles … Read More

Virginia Greene – All That Heaven Will Allow

  When you are starting fresh, despite your brazen front, you are full of insecurities.  Some you know, some you don't.   And those insecurities can weigh you down, undercut your imagination and restrict your actions.  More than you realize.  Especially … Read More

Putting the Social in Infrastructure

Federal Government infrastructure spending in response to our economic crisis is expected to produce multiple wins: jump-start the economy, provide employment, repair our aging sewers, roads and bridges and expand transit services. Given that the Federal Government's budget for infrastructure … Read More

Uploading versus Downloading – Tips for Solution Based Advocacy (49)

What we need is a new model of citizenship based on the act of participation itself, not on some quality or thought or right enjoyed by its possessor.  This participatory citizenship doesn't simply demand action from existing citizens; it makes … Read More

Hallelujah – The Gifts of a Unique Artist – Michelle Amerie

Looking for the perfect gift this Christmas?  And a good reason to avoid the malls?  Check out our talented artist friend, Michelle Amerie's silk art.  Ties (these will get worn!) framed prints, scarves (so will these) and beautiful clothing (for … Read More

20 Stories Down – The Ascent of Stephanie Cadieux

She rappels down the sides of tall buildings, wheelchair and all.  This may be all you need to know about Stephanie Cadieux, British Columbia's first ever Cabinet Minister with a spinal cord injury.  A short clip is worth a thousand … Read More

A Wise and Tender Heart – Jean Vanier’s letter to Parliamentary Committee on Palliative Care

There is an all Party Committee on Palliative and Compassionate Care engaged in consultations across Canada.  They are preparing policy recommendations on palliative care, suicide prevention, elder abuse and disability issues related to health care. Jean Vanier is the founder … Read More

Imagine – John Lennon and the soundtracks of our llives

Have a look at this rollicking, endearing tribute to John Lennon.  Can you count the number of Beatle and Lennon songs and references? So what is the soundtrack for your rebellious nature? An informal survey of a younger generation yielded … Read More

Adapting the Social Finance Task Force Recommendations to Your Sector -Tips for Solution Based Advocacy (48)

Many leaders within British Columbia's disability sector are promoting and adapting a social finance strategy that parallels the seven recommendations of the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance released on November 30th.They are doing it because they: realize the days … Read More