Yearly Archives: 2015

Top Ten New Brunswick & Nova Scotia Social Innovations

My soul is Maritime infused. My earliest memory is of tap dancing as a toddler to Don Messer’s Jubilee on the radio. My Mother was a Prince Edward Islander. I cut my community and political organizing teeth in Halifax. Scents, … Read More

Peace Is Our Time

Canada is a country with deep peacemaking roots. We were welcomed in peace by First Nations and aboriginal people, although we seriously betrayed their hospitality and trust. Many of the early French explorers were humanists who sought a land where … Read More

Wanted: Social Entrepreneur Book Publisher

It’s been a busy book-publishing year for me. My new book, Impact: Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation was published in April. In addition, two expanded versions of my first book, Safe and Secure were published – one in British … Read More

Take Us to the Limit

A new breed of social change activists has emerged that wants us to become comfortable with complexity, chaos, uncertainty and ambiguity. They contend, and I agree, that we no longer live in a world where we know exactly where we … Read More

Salt, Seed and Taking Care

Ghandhi’s first act of civil disobedience was aimed at the British Salt Tax. Salt was deeply symbolic to Ghandhi. “Next to air and water, salt is perhaps the greatest necessity of life,” he said. He understood that an item of … Read More

Caring Makes the World go Round

There is a direct link between caring for each other and caring for our planet. Caring is that invisible but indispensable force that connects us to each other and to all forms of life. Caring reminds us that we belong, … Read More

Thinking Like a Voyageur – Prévoyance

Prévoyance is the ability to prepare for the unexpected in a world of uncertainty while maintaining your principles. It is a concept introduced to Canada by the great explorer Champlain. There is no English equivalent. Pity. We could use more … Read More

Angels in the Architecture

I woke up the other day to a radio report that one of the parties in the election campaign will now be ‘turning its guns’ on the leader of another party. I was filled with sadness. Election campaigns are not … Read More

The Truth About Vulnerable

Our culture is inexhaustible in its capacity to ignore the fact of our vulnerability. As a result, we are all becoming more fragile. The fashion, advertising and sports industries ‘sell’ perfection of the body as something we should all strive for. … Read More

Glory Days

August 28th is the 50th anniversary of my near association with glory. I caught a perfect game for the Hearst Lumberkings. The game launched the Lumberkings on a magic season that led to the all-Ontario finals, a unique feat for … Read More