Never Again

“Making sure it never happens again” is such a potent source of social innovation. This combination of necessity and love is a force of nature. Particularly when it emerges from the hands and hearts of Moms. I see it all … Read More

Peace Is Our Time

Canada is a country with deep peacemaking roots. We were welcomed in peace by First Nations and aboriginal people, although we seriously betrayed their hospitality and trust. Many of the early French explorers were humanists who sought a land where … Read More

The Role of the Canoe in Creating Canada

The canoe is Canada’s original and preeminent social innovation. There is no other invention that has impacted us so profoundly and for so long. The canoe defines us as Canadians. It is relevant to every nook and cranny of the … Read More

A Saharan Food Desert – John Stapleton’s Poverty Fighting Research, 5th On Poverty

You have to be rich to be poor.  The poorer you are the more things cost. Imagine living where you cannot buy healthy affordable food?  Where retail food chains, if they haven't deserted your area, charge you more for fruit, … Read More

A Canadian town where no one was poor, 3rd, On Poverty

"Once upon a time in Canada, there was a town where no one was poor."  So begins a 2009 report by Dr. Evelyn Forget who assessed the effects on health of a guaranteed annual income for the town. That might … Read More