Patsy George – A Happy Social Worker Has No Analysis. 8th, On Poverty

Patsy George is the social worker we all wish we could be.  She has spent more than four decades pursuing social and economic justice in Canada and globally.  She worked for the provincial government in British Columbia for most of … Read More

The Homeless Hub, 6th, On Poverty

Research, reflection, data, measurement are not seen as glamorous pursuits when tackling poverty or its accompanying challenge – homelessness. Unless it's in the hands of Stephen Gaetz, Associate Dean of Education and Director of the Canadian Homelessness Research Network, York … Read More

A Canadian town where no one was poor, 3rd, On Poverty

"Once upon a time in Canada, there was a town where no one was poor."  So begins a 2009 report by Dr. Evelyn Forget who assessed the effects on health of a guaranteed annual income for the town. That might … Read More