Yearly Archives: 2016

Peace You Can Count On

In early October 2016, thousands of Jewish and Arab women began a two week March of Hope walking from the banks of the Jordan River near Jericho, to Jerusalem. Their purpose – a viable peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. … Read More


This post isn’t about the alarming number of British Columbians who are dying of drug overdoses. It is about those who didn’t die because of the angels who saved their lives. These angels, there’s no other word for them, rapidly … Read More

The New Underground Railroad

I’ve written previously about a world class innovation by Canadian citizens that inspired a new approach to refugee sponsorship. This social innovation emerged in the 1970’s because the Canadian government couldn’t keep pace with the groundswell of Canadians who wanted … Read More


Behind successful change-makers are people: who bubble with enthusiasm for the idea you want to explore who say, “Why not?” and offer another dozen reasons why you should try it who see the majesty in what you are proposing who … Read More

If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It

“My name is Liz and I have Down syndrome.” She strode onto the stage without notes, without preparation, and seemingly without a care. A hundred pairs of eyes were anticipating her spoken word poetry performance. A recipe for disaster. A … Read More

Artist in Residence

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing what happens when non-profit and social change-oriented groups hook up with artists on specific projects. The results include: New perspectives on challenges that have resisted previous efforts Solutions people wouldn’t have otherwise have thought … Read More

The Social Finance Deal that Keeps on Giving

Take two geniuses. The one, Bob Williams, who many consider to be the “social, environmental and economic architect” of modern British Columbia. The other, internationally renowned architect, Bing Thom. Present them with a high-rise mall in decline in an area … Read More

Meditations for Mindful Impact

What worked in the past won’t necessarily work in the present. What works in the present won’t necessarily work in the future. What will work in the future depends on the past. EH! An obsession with ‘present mindedness’ wipes out concerns … Read More

I See Your Margaret Mead and Raise you Ten.

That’s a quote from a recent Margaret Atwood interview. She then went on to propose a qualifier to that famous Margaret Mead quote. You know the one “Never doubt that a small group of people…” Here is Ms. Atwood’s proviso: … Read More

Have Patience Policy Analysts, Souls are Stirring

Momentum is building to reduce poverty. Multiple strands and strategies are evident: fair wage, minimum wage, welfare reform, financial literacy, Cities Reducing Poverty When Mayors Lead, affordable housing, economic development, enshrining social and economic rights in our Charter and more… … Read More