A Desperado Waiting for a Train

It’s after midnight, the prairie wind is blowing cold and people are secure in their cells at the school for the incurables. Or are they?

Curfew was hours ago and the guards are lulled into holiday drowsiness. Or maybe they’ve been bribed? Possibly charmed. He was always pretty good at that. Either way he’s determined to escape. Desperate.
So are his accomplices. Determined for him although sadly not for themselves. For whatever reasons they’ve accepted that leaving is not an option for them.

But they know a good one when they see him.

They know that whatever good he can do for them and for others can only occur on the outside. Outside the gates of that dirty, stinking, soul-less place that some joker called a “school.” The place where in his words, “the only thing they taught you was how to feel forgotten.”

They’re counting on him to break free which he does with surprising ease. He makes his way to the rail yard.

What he doesn’t do next changes the course of British Columbia history.

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There are wonderful things out there for you to learn and all you need to do is pay attention. ~ Phil Allen

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