First Leap, Bold; Second Leap, Wild

That first bold leap usually lands you right at the front of the status quo but not very far ahead of it. That’s because you are carrying the lethargy of the past and the momentum of outmoded approaches on your shoulders. And why you often land on a slippery slope that is tilting backward. If you are not careful you’ll slip back into the doldrums. That’s why it’s important to prepare for the next leap.

The second bold leap is a wild one. That’s the one that will set the course for the next generation. That’s the one we need you to take. Now that you are lighter and you have caught a glimpse of what’s possible.

No one other than you, individually and collectively, knows how important that wild leap is, to reframe the challenge and to stretch the possibilities beyond your wildest imaginings.

In preparation for your wild leap:

  • Treat the source of your moral oxygen with care. Your convictions are more important than your techniques and technologies.
  • Become a peacemaker. Make peace with your imperfections and the imperfections of others.
  • Surround yourself with artists. Aside from their artistic discipline, their unique ways of seeing the world will help you engage with the broader audience you deserve.


You’ve never understood before

what beauty means, how it

blasts the blood and leaves you

shaken, demanding more

Than you can ever,

in this human body, be.

(From “Wolves” by Lorna Crozier in her marvellous book, The Wild in You.)

Musical selection this post is “Church” by Winnipeg’s Don Amero. “Out where the wild things grow…I go to church.” Support his music here.


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