Forget Your Perfect Offering

Forget your perfect offering, advised Leonard Cohen.

There will always be another shiny concept or tool so much better than the ones you currently use.

And consultants, who describe a perfect world within reach should you decide to hire them.

And fundraisers, who already have money in the bag ready to be released the moment they are retained.

And researchers, who can describe your challenge in learned ways.

And people smarter than you, who will knock you off balance.

But hopefully not for long.

Be careful what you are advised to transplant. It must be able to grow in your territory, in your soil.

Trust your natural rhythms.

Pay attention to your people.

Have confidence in your experiences.

Your association with frailty, vulnerability and imperfection will serve you better than an association with those who pedal certainty.

Certainty breeds fear and hesitation. Fear of uncertainty, of not getting it right.

Certainty kills spontaneity.

It is a prison the light can’t get into.

The antidote to certainty is confidence.

Confidence that you are enough. Confidence that you have enough.


I feel I am blundering in concepts too fine for me. (Anne Carson)

Musical accompaniment this post is Good Heart by Fosston, Saskatchewan’s Belle Plaine. Includes bonus track, Mercury Blues with Blake Berglund. Purchase her music here.


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