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So much going on.

Each of the following deserves more attention.

Ever wonder about the health of documentary filmmaking? Its financing? Its commitment to social justice? Its ‘competitors amidst Youtube, Vimeo and other emerging social platforms?  Tracey Friesen has done more than that. She has left her job as a respected NFB producer to ensure documentary filmmaking remains a vibrant medium for social change. Now, she has written about it. Check out Tracey’s thoroughly readable new book, Story Money Impact: Funding Media for Social Change.

Speaking of documentary film-making, Fiona Rayher and Damien Gillis’ doc Fractured Land continues to do very well, picking up award after award. Check out a list of screenings associated with World Water Day (Mar 22) including Fractured Land’s US festival debut.

Alberta is much more than big sky, beef and oil. Some of our greatest social innovations have been/are being created by talented, inventive Albertans. Check out this list of Alberta’s Top Ten Historical Inventions produced by Wildrose country’s next generation of social innovators ABSI Connect, (Alberta Social Innovation Connect.) I’ve had fun doing this with them.

Forget the film “Spotlight.” Check out this engrossing seven-part Great Bear Rainforest series by the very talented Elizabeth McSheffrey.  Breathtaking account of how Canada’s gift to the world, the equally breathtaking, Great Bear Rainforest was preserved. A template for 21st century change-making. Is there a film in the making? Thanks, National Observer.

Shari Graydon’s has just released a precious new book, OMG What If I Really Am the Best Person – The Top 7 Reasons Women Should Speak Up.

David Mitchell who has probably hosted more gatherings than anyone I know has a new book too. Not surprisingly it’s called, Convening: A Guide for Dialogue and Collaboration.

Keeping with the documentary theme, no one has produced more satisfying and informative radio docs than celebrated broadcaster David Cayley. For decades his episodes were a mainstay of CBC Ideas. Some are still in circulation. The rest soon will be because David is converting them to podcasts. Subscribe via his website.


“In an age when the faiths, the loyalties, and the purposes have been more than usually undermined, mental fatigue–or is it spiritual fatigue?–represents a large factor in everyday experience. Our cinema magnate does no more than exploit the occasion. He also, more or less frankly, is a dope pedlar.”

John Grierson,first commissioner National Film Board writing in the 1930’s! He coined the term ‘documentary film.’

“First you dream and then you lace up your boots.”

Portia White, Nova Scotia’s groundbreaking contralto. Sadly no recordings exist of her extraordinary talent.


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