Vickie and I had a short essay about vision rejected recently.

It took us a while to understand why.

They wanted vision as ‘content.’  We imagined vision as ‘vehicle.’

Vickie and I agree about the importance of describing the details of a vision. The last three decades of our work has been fuelled by rethinking and reimagining a good life for people with disabilities and their families.

We have discovered something equally important – the vehicle must be equally visionary.

Every vision needs a vehicle that matches its magnificent aspiration. It should, for example, be roomy enough for strange bedfellows, unlikely suspects, prickly pears, suspicious minds and late comers.

If the better world you imagine includes these people why not make room for them now? You never know when their talents might come in handy. In fact they always will.

The biblical exhortation, “Without a vision people perish” is true.

Equally true, without a vehicle people languish.


“… those who think metaphorically are enabled to think truly because the shape of their thinking echoes the shape of the world.”

     Jan Zwicky author of Wisdom and Metaphor

“We’re all in this together
So keep moving don’t stop, keep moving don’t stop…”

     Sam Roberts “We’re All in This Together.” Listen here. Buy here.


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