Dating Concepts

I fall a little in love with new ideas, methods and concepts. It happens all the time.

We date. Everything is rosy. They are perfect. There is nothing they can’t do. I’ve found the one.

This has happened with social impact bonds, person-centred planning and change labs. It’s starting to happen with social innovation. Yikes, did I really write that?

Their limitations appear. I ignore them. I rationalize. I jump to their defence. I’m clearly infatuated.

Disappointment accumulates. I see only weaknesses. One day it hits me. They aren’t the one.


We stop dating. I become critical. It’s all their fault.

I start thinking about the way we were. We become friends. My circle of beneficial concepts expands.

I remember my mother’s advice, ‘There’s always another idea, I mean bus, just around the corner.’

I can hardly wait.


Change is like a friend you haven’t seen in ages… it needs to be embraced before you can both laugh about the good old days.

-Shane Koyczan

You have blown into this little port

And roused my dreams again.

– Sarah Harmer from ‘Almost’

To hear Sarah perform ‘Almost’ please follow this link or see video below (Note: video may not be visible on subscriptions.)



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One Comment

  1. sarah

    this reminded me of a ‘poem’ i wrote:

    the fantasy
    of a panacea
    ideologically-driven thoughts
    an emotionally-rich response
    while the non-fiction
    of pragmatism
    bores the imagination

    thank you for your honesty!

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