Impact 6 is Ready to Make a Dent in the Conversation

frontMy new book Impact: Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation is now available in print and electronic formats.

Impact explores the difference between short term success and lasting impact. It will be of interest to anyone who has ever wondered why, despite our best efforts, talent and money we have not made as big a dent in our social and environmental challenges as we’d like.

As Severin Cullis-Suzuki says in her exquisite Foreword to the book: My question has changed from ‘how can I change the world,’ to ‘why isn’t it working?’

About the Book

Impact profiles more than 50 Canadians who are achieving lasting social impact. Who treat strategy as a good start. Who look past quick wins and surface-level victories. Who pay attention to the deeper patterns of change. It’s as close as I could make it to honouring Canada’s heritage and expertise in making the world a better place.

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My Hope For the  Book

To shine a light on the good work Canadians have done, are doing and will do to move the dial, change a paradigm, tip a system and achieve lasting social impact. I hope the book becomes a catalyst for appreciating the talent, ingenuity and creativity we have within our midst. And for unifying our efforts. Long may we run.

Get the Book

Thanks to your early support, advance sales have exceeded my wildest expectation. It’s already a Canadian bestseller.

To celebrate and to thank you until May 31st when you order one from this website, I’ll send you two.

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Spread the word

This is a community based publishing effort. Rather than relying on a traditional publisher I’m relying on a network of partners to spread the word. My initial partners are Social Innovation Generation (SiG), Tamarack, Ashoka and PLAN. I’d like to add you to the network.

Write a blog, book review or article and I’ll send you a couple of books for free. With your help we can make a dent in the conversation and make the world (or at least part of it) a better place.

What Readers Are Saying

Impact is Al’s Lonely Planet guidebook to social innovation.
– Frances Westley, Author Getting To Maybe

Read What Readers are Saying

Join me in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal

I look forward to introducing you to some of the change-makers who illuminate the patterns in the book.

Monday April 27th, Vancouver – SFU Woodward’s

Monday May 11th, Ottawa – Hub Ottawa

Tuesday May 12th Toronto – MaRS

Thursday June 4th Montreal – Concordia


There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.

-Marshall McLuhan

We’ve been through
some things together
With trunks of memories
still to come.

– Long May You Run, Neil Young

And here’s the link to the song.

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