An American Tune

It is peak season for US politics. We non-Americans watch entranced and disgusted by the search for shadows that are bound to lurk in the hearts of Presidential opponents, as they do in each of us. Hubris takes no prisoners … Read More

The British Paralympics – Destination Unknown

Gregor Wolbring is the purest, cheekiest and most prolific commentator I know on issues affecting people with disabilities. Perhaps it's his European origins blended with his Albertan sensibilities as Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary.  He does not … Read More

Five (Plus One) Good Ideas About Social Innovation

The Maytree Foundation runs a marvellous lunch and learn series titled Five Good Ideas. They cover just about everything and are worth having a look at. Fortunately they have released a compilation of their first years called not surprisingly Five … Read More

Speaking Up for the Soul of Civic Life – Cardus

An eloquent champion for civic values, community life and charities has emerged on the Canadian scene.   Cardus (see note below) is a Canadian think tank which draws, "on more than 2000 years of Christian social thought, and works to … Read More

Relying On Each Other- the Abundance of Community

Many of us believe we should not rely on the institutions of government, business and non profits to solve our toughest societal challenges on their own. Who then can we count on? The answer, if you follow John McKnight's work, … Read More

Arthur Wood – A Clauswitzian Interpretation Of Impact Investing

Arthur Wood is the Einstein of social finance. You may not immediately understand everything he says, writes or does but you know he is worth paying attention to. For example, several years ago on a whiteboard in Vancouver he sketched … Read More

Gordon Hogg – Social Innovation’s Political Ambassador

When Charlie Leadbeater visited British Columbia earlier this year he commented on three strategic social innovation advantages BC has compared to other jurisdictions. One is the presence of First Nations leadership connected to a heritage of resilience, creativity amidst adversity … Read More

Understanding the Student Demonstrations in Quebec

The rest of Canada was slow to pick up on the student demonstrations in Montreal. There have been nightly parades, demonstrations and rallies for over one hundred days straight. Usually they involve tens of thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands. … Read More

After the Black Out

The impact was dramatic. First we lost all our government funding as part of an omnibus bill within a massive restraint program. Then we were obliged to submit to a long onerous and time consuming Income Tax audit. The third … Read More