10 Reasons for Thinking Like a Movement

Screen_shot_2010-10-25_at_12.04.02_PM__12050_zoomEvery January Vickie Cammack and I host PLAN Institute's Thinking Like a Movement. This year we;ve added Social Innovation Generation as a co-sponsor. It is a time to share insights and perspectives about social and environmental change we've gleaned form the previous year. 

We keep the gathering small and intimate and make sure we have time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Each year new colleagues with fresh perspectives join us as presenters. This year Beth Haddon, Tim Draimin and Molly Harrington join David Roche, Marlena Blavin, Vickie and I.

Previous attendees have included grass roots activists, senior public servants, academics, philanthropists, service providers, agency executives and business people from Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Here are ten reasons for attending 2013's Thinking Like a Movement,( January 27th to 31st, 2013):

  1. Discover 50 shades of social finance from Tim Draimin the founder of Canada's social finance movement
  2. Hear what respected broadcaster Beth Haddon has to say about media, communication and how best to tell your story
  3. Learn how public policy is made from Molly Harrington one of the public service's most effective 'system entrepreneurs'
  4. Touch your inner storyteller with David Roche and Marlena Blavin
  5. It's a chance to turn off your electronics, eat and sleep well in quiet surroundings on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast
  6. Meet talented, engaged fellow travellers
  7. Learn six patterns for innovating in times of adversity and uncertainty
  8. Take advantage of walking trails, an exercise room, spa and outdoor hot tub.
  9. Dive into a comprehensive reading package on social innovation and whole systems change.
  10. Start your new year off right!

A past participant summed up his experience as follows. “Attending 'Thinking Like a Movement’ was one of the best
investments our organization have ever made. The four day retreat was
worth more than a month of work time."
He enjoyed it so much he came back the next year. So have many others.

Attendance is limited and registering early gets you an early bird discount. Details here.

We'd be delighted to have you join us.

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