A Hat Trick for the Canadian Caregivers Coalition

Congratulations to the Canadian Caregivers Coalition.  Caregiver promises are in the Conservative, Liberal and NDP party platforms.  This is an intent few groups aspire to.  And a feat few accomplish.

The platforms are of course different but the dialogue has gained momentum, the debate has begun and delivery is on the horizon. Four million family caregivers are responsible for 80 per-cent of Canada’s homecare services, providing over $9 billion in unpaid care each year.  

To review the commitments to family caregiving in Canada by each party see:



New Democratic Party

The Canadian Caregivers Coalition is made up of national, provincial and local groups, coalitions and institutions comprising caregivers, service providers, researchers and policy analysts.  Hats off to Nadine Henningsen and her team.

The JW McConnell Family Foundation guided by the late dear Katharine Pearson has supported the Canadian Caregivers Association for the past ten years.  Calgary's Max Bell Foundation has also supported a national consultation by the Coalition.


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