Ashoka – Impresario for Social Entrepreneurs

Ever wonder if the social organizations that were founded in the 19th or 20th century are capable of handling the complexities of the 21st centuy? 

Ever wonder who is inventing the 21st century version of the Red Cross, YWCA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters , United Way, Volunteer Bureau?         

Ever wonder how to find them?

Look to Ashoka for the answer.

For 30 years Ashoka has been the impresario for social inventors, social innovators and social entrepeneurs all over the world.  They have orchestrated the growth of the field of social enterprise.  They are tuned into people who bring a fresh perspective to stubborn old problems and emerging new ones; and who are using the latest learnings and tools to address social and economic justice.

Ashoka has perfected the art of spotting talented social inventors who have perfected their solution and now want to spread and scale it.  Many of them are in Canada. 

The latest crop of social inventors will be introduced to us on Thursday May 26th.  If you are lucky enough to live near Toronto you get to meet them in person and participate in an 'action dialogue' with them.

The afternoon dialogue (2- 5:00) will focus on Redefining Citizenship; Social Mission Investing and Community Business Collaboration for Sustainability.  The evening's festivities will celebrate the new Ashoka fellows. 

To whet your appetitite or in case you can't make it here are three of the latest talent spotted by Ashoka:

Anil Patel who already has two major inventions to his name (one of which I predict will become the 21st century version of volunteer bureaus – it's called Timeraiser) -  and is working on a third.

Cindy Blackstock
who is reducing the alarming number of aboriginal children who are living away from their families – more in absolute numbers then at the height of the residential school debacle.  Cindy's maturity and presence  rivals Aung San Suu Kyi.

Tatiana Fraser whose Girls Action Foundation has assisted over 60,000 girls and young women overcome barriers and reach their potential.  Tatiana is a beacon of light not just for young women but also for their parents.  Have a look at her Light a Spark PSA's celebrating femininity that is powerful, fierce and smart.

Register here for the May 26th event and support Ashoka's efforts.  There's a cost but well worth the investment.  Ashoka's future social entrepreneurs can use more investors like you.

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