Adam Kahane’s Impressive Array of Changelabs

I remain convinced one of our BIG challenges is learning to work together both within our community sector and among various sectors including government and business. Apprehension, misunderstandings and mistrust are more prevalent that we care to admit.

That is why I am impressed with the various 'changelabs emerging around the world.  I have written about them on previous occasions. They combine the best of what we are learning about working effectively together along with prototyping solutions that lead to implementation.

Adam Kahane and REOS Partners seem to be the most active with mobile changelabs, bringing their methodology to where the issue is being dealt with.  By contrast, Stanford, Harvard and Denmark have physical locations.  Adam recently conducted a webinar sponsored by my colleagues at Social Innovation Gerneration (SIG) and hosted by Tim Brodhead. A succinct overview of complexity and the various phases of the changelabs.

Here is the link.  Click on the playback button on the left, follow the instructions and you  hear Adam immediately. On the lower right is a box where you can follow along with his well designed slides.

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