Code Yellow

Ahh, the momentum of outmoded approaches.  The horn that still sounds a curfew even though the plant has closed down. Saving pennies. Ashtrays on bicycles. Encyclopedia sellers. Yellow pages delivered to your office or doorstep. 

Yes, yellow pages.  While trolling through my mail one morning I came across the news that if you live in Canada you can opt out of receiving that annual, over sized, heavy, unsolicited, recycled on arrival, yellow pages. That's when I realized I no longer use yellow pages and haven't for years.  That same day I had meetings with Government in Victoria.  Stacked
on each floor of their office high-rise were massive bundles of yellow pages which I'm told are not used
because of the convenience of the internet.

We could save a lot of trees by letting Yellow Pages know we don't want
it delivered.  I wonder how many of us there are? Somebody should do something about it.

Well someone is.  David Eaves.  He has started a Facebook page, 100,000 Canadians who've opted out of yellow pages.  In less than two weeks over 1000 of us have opted out.

Yellow is the color of quarantine in health settings. In lieu of a
yellow flag you can quarantine your home or office simply by opting
out.  Here's how to do it in a few seconds.

  • Follow the links from David or                                                                                                 
  •  Go directly to the yellow pages website.  You will see the Opt Out button on the left hand side.  It's actually labeled CONTINUE to confuse you.

And if you need further inspiration follow the yellow brick road to David's original post which equates yellow pages with spam.

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