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Donna Thomson, author of the new book, Four Walls of My Freedom has just started her own blog.  Here is the link:

Donna's blog will cover the interplay among family, community connectedness, policy, ethics and culture.  Here is a sample from a recent  post:

Last year at the Skoll World Forum for Social Enterprise, I asked fellow Canadian and founder of Trader Media Corporation turned uber-social entrepreneur, whether it was possible to get rich AND do good. "Of course!", he replied. "It just takes longer and you have to work harder".  In the UK where I live, there is a social enterprise for families who care for a son or daughter with disabilities. It's called " Cool2Care" and it's been creating quite a buzz (see yesterday's Financial Times).

I first met the founder of Cool to Care, Phil Conway, three years ago when he was starting his new business. A former IBM marketing executive, Phil is also the father of young son with autism. His own experience trying to get suitable carers from his local government authority drove him to innovate. Cool2Care incentivizes young people to become trained as caregivers, then matches them with families who have been allotted social care funds to pay for respite. Because all the employees of Cool2Care work from home (including its CEO and founder), the agency fees are much less than those of local government or other completely for profit care enterprises. Families are able to make their social care funding go further.

And if you are in Toronto Saturday October 23rd at 2:00, Donna will be appearing at the Author's festival discussing her new book with John Ralston Saul.

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