Don’t Give Up

A change of government is always challenging. Particularly if you don’t respect the leader. Understandably you brace for the worst. The danger is that you succumb to the drama. And a prophecy is fulfilled.

On the other hand all new governments, yes all, are looking for new ideas including those that will bail them out of the pressure they are under. This is a perfect time for relationship-based advocates to come forward with solutions. The big changes that I’ve been associated with, the ones that moved the dial, have come from so called unsympathetic governments.


Don’t give up even though the shock waves of the campaign still echo. And seem to be coming true.

Don’t give up. You can stand your ground and keep your heart open, even though those around you are closing theirs.

Don’t give up, even when others are dismissive and the story making the rounds is seething with shame, blame and anger.

Don’t give up. You have allies waiting for you in Cabinet and caucus and among party members and supporters.

Don’t give up. Your members, supporters and constituencies need you to be more clearheaded, clever and caring than you’ve ever been.


Common ground is more common than you might think. Don’t ever stop trying to stand on it. ~ Jann Arden

Musical accompaniment this post is Don’t Give Up sung by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. The song was inspired by Dorothea Lange’s photographs of the American depression. In keeping with the Canadian content in this section, this brilliant song was produced by the incomparable Daniel Lanois.


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