Dowser – a ‘divine’ alternative to the daily news

Most great ideas, movements or individuals have a trusted companion and talented scribe equally engaged in creating knowledge and discerning wisdom and insights.  In fact making sense out of what is happening and identifying the deeper patterns is an essential and often looked element of successful social change.  Engaged reporting, a variation of appreciative inquiry, provides activists and strategists with reflective comments, evaluation and critique – all necessary to achieve social, economic and ecological justice.

David Bornstein fulfills that role for the global social enterprise movement.  Not only, is he an accomplished story teller but also, he sees order, logic and patterns amidst the swirl that accompanies change.

After writing several successful books on the emerging social enterprise movement, David and companions have now launched Dowser an e-zine specializing in social innovation and stories of change.  Unlike main stream media,  Dowser will specialize in finding problem solvers, change-makers and social innovators.  Dowser is an alternative to people who want more from their media than following the activities of celebrities, chronicling what is broken or sensationalism. 

Dowsers use divining rods to uncover water.  In David's hands, Dowser will uncover stories of change.  A divine idea! Check it out here

For those interested in David's other work:

The Price of a Dream: The Story of the Grameen Bank                        

How to Change the World: Social Entreprenurs and the Power of New Ideas            

And you can't read David's books without encountering the leading social enterprise organization in the world: Ashoka.

In Canada:        Globally

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