Tipping Toward Sustainability – Frances Westley’s presentation to Nobel Laureates

Canadian academic Frances Westley's recent presentation to Nobel laureates is now available for viewing.  Frances is renowned in academic circles.  Stephen Huddart, incoming CEO of the JW McConnell Family Foundation recounts her 'rock star' status at a recent Resilience Alliance conference where attendees, (academics all ) followed her around from workshop to workshop lining up like groupies to a rock star! 

Have a look and listen to the video.  I've watched it three times already! Your understanding of social innovation will soar to another level.  Brilliance and wisdom from a woman with her heart in community and ear to the ground.

The video, and companion paper, Tipping Toward Sustainability: Emerging Pathways of Transformation, are a marvellous contribution to our understanding of how to use social innovation to reduce vulnerability and increase resilience.

Watch and listen to Frances discuss:

  • How innovation can do as much harm as good 
  • The risk of only taking a public policy solution perspective
  • The importance of a constant discourse between emerging local innovation and scaling up and institutionalizing it
  • The need to use our creativity not just for social innovation but also for transforming our institutions and interactions.

PS: if you would like a copy of the full paper Frances co-authored, send me a note and I'll ask one of Frances' team to send it to you.  It's 45 pages of sheer insight!



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