Linda Perry’s Big Picture is Priceless

lindaLinda Perry’s feet are planted as solidly on this earth as anyone I know.  This means she can simultaneously keep her ear to the ground while at the same time keeping her eyes on the big picture.  These two vantage points have served her well in a long and successful career as advocate, creative problem solver and microboard catalyst.  And they have served British Columbians and many others in the world of disability equally well.

Linda has been polishing the microboard concept as Executive Director of Vela for nearly three decades.  That means over 800 micro boards in BC alone.  That’s an impressive number for any big organization.  Miraculous under the direction of Linda and her tiny staff. 

Microboards are an ingenious way to turn government dollars into personalized supports and to nurture a small team around one individual  The team or microboard of directors provides a halo of support comprised of friendship, advocacy and hospitality. 

Linda’s alchemy isn’t just reserved for the sector she has devoted her life to.  Children are attracted to the home she and Brian have nurtured.  Just recently they adopted another four children along with their extended families.  This would be enough for most of us. So would running Vela. She embraces both with love, tenacity and vitality.

If you want to get a message to families in BC forget conventional media or the internet.  Linda’s grapevine is faster.  I’m one of many many fans of Linda.  That’s why we are all pleased she has just won BACI’s annual  ‘Big Picture’ award presented by her community living colleagues at the recent Vancouver International Film Festival.

I was out of town at the time however I’m told Linda not only glowed with love and beauty but she was so happy her feet finally left the ground.


Latest BACI Blast Banner profiling Linda’s Big Picture award.


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