Lindsay Can

Lindsay A name change is in order for Lindsay Cant.
They said she'd never fly.  Today she has completed over 140 glider flights.
They said she wouldn't leave the hospital.  Today she lives in her own place near Perth, Scotland.
They said she'd never speak. On March 16th she addressed a reception in the new Scottish Parliament Buildings in Edinburgh to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Equal Futures an organization modelled after our work at PLAN.
They said she didn't have anything to say.  Today vignettes of her life are sprinkled through the latest edition of Safe and Secure.
Lindsay along with her parents Helena and Alex Cant are the inspiration behind what is now the tenth version of Safe and Secure around the world.
The book changes with each edition. Denis Rowley pictured above with Lindsay is our Scottish co-author.  

And celebratory endorsements.

Ian Rankin who has been described as Scotland's finest living writer wrote the foreword.  He is best known for his Inspector John Rebus novels.

Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle has already read it from cover to cover.  Here is her assessment:

I see Safe and Secure as a spiritual journey allowing people the opportunity to reflect and celebrate  their gifts and as a result find inner peace, happiness and acceptance.  I like the idea of including real life stories in the book because they are living examples of this.

The book shows how people can grow and develop together with support and thereby feel that they belong.  It gives step by step advice by showing us how to be friends.  Life is a journey and there is always hope.

This is a book well worth reading.

Those real life stories – you can thank Lindsay's good life for them.

Lindsay can't – not bloody likely.  Lindsay can and does.

Final word to Lindsay, "Have fun and have a go."


For shots of the Scottish Parliament and the best damm book launch ceilidh I've ever attended, visit Equal Futures website

For a copy of Safe and Secure wherever you live see PLAN's website.

Thanks to the multi talented Linda McDaniel my editor and collaborator on successive Safe and Secures.


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