PLAN© sues Google

PRESS RELEASE – for immediate circulation

Vancouver based Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) launched a law suit today against Google for the unauthorized use of the word plan in all google search results.

The Governments of Canada and the United States have joined the lawsuit supporting PLAN.

"My government owes PLAN a great deal," admitted Prime Minister Harper from Orwell Cove PEI.  "They proposed the RDSP, our most popular and socially innovative policy of the last five years.  Without PLAN we would have no social agenda and would not have held power for the past five years.  We are underwriting the costs of their law suit. To avoid further confusion, I have also established an all party House of Commons committee to look at the use of the word plan in the RDSP; RESP; and RRSP."

President Obama has also thrown his support behind the lawsuit.  "It's time social enterprises like PLAN receive compensation for their intellectual property," Obama stated.  "I have met the PLAN folks through my wife Michelle who sits on the Asset Based Community Development Institute with PLAN co-founder Al Etmanski.  These are serious folks and neither governments or businesses should be taking advantage of them."

"I am pleased we chose a different motto in our campaign," Obama added.  We were originally thinking of, "yes, we plan. "

On the campaign trail, from Barry's Bay Ontario, Opposition leader Michael Ignatieff issued the following statement.  "PLAN deserves to win this lawsuit.  If elected I promise to pay PLAN eight cents for each unauthorized use of the word plan by the federal government since 2008 – the year the RDSP was created."

Google co-founder Larry Page indicated they were truly sorry for the misunderstanding and would prefer an out of court settlement.

PLAN announced all proceeds from the lawsuit will be used to support intellectual property compensations for social enterprises and civil society organizations worldwide.  To determine your eligibility contact www.googlesaysitssorry.con

At press time there were rumours that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg  was considering a pre-emptive financial settlement for his expropriation of the word social network, another IP of Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network.   Apparently there is documented evidence he heard a presentation Al and Vickie made in Boston on May 14, 1984.


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  1. Jules Andre-Brown

    Wow, I had no idea about this happening. Sounds like some heavyweight people are behind this. Congratulations.

  2. Donna Thomson

    Wait, is it April 1st already?

  3. Denis Rowley

    Further developments have been reported. The Peoples Liberation Army of Nicaragua have announced that they in turn will be suing PLAN Canada. They believe they and their comrades can claim prior ownership of the word PLAN from the earliest times of their struggle against the North American oppressors. They intend to take their case to the United Nations.
    In addition there have been developments in Scotland where the PLNA ( Professional Librarians of North Aberdeen) have taken the view that all occurrences of their initials PLNA even as typos overlooked by bloggers should be similarly penalised. Their spokesperson Avril Moron has called on Mr Etmanski to send all funds realised by this aspect of the lawsuit to be sent to their Honorary Treasurer Mr Denis Rowley.

  4. Jack

    You had me until you got to Zuckerberg. Happy AF Day! Jack Pealer

  5. blearyeyedad

    I’m with Donna Thomson on this one — a good laugh just the same!

  6. Al Etmanski

    check his birthday Jack

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