See Change – What Mainstream Media Misses

SEE Change Magazine is Canada’s first publication for and about social enterprise and entrepreneurship.  It was created in response to a need – the need to spread the word about an important social-business movement that has the capacity to change the way we live and engage with our communities.  Something mainstream media is missing. 

There are a profusion of creative initiatives to tackle our tough stubborn social and environmental challenges.  See Change is on top of many of them as their latest (April) electronic issue has just been published.  It includes:

An article on the Globalizer Summit, Mary Gordon, John Mighton, Johan Koss, Vickie Cammack and I attended in Stockholm.

Access to a New Report from Enterprising Non Profits (ENP) on Challenges Social Enterprises face accessing government resources to support small and medium business enterprise.

Excellent Feature on Women Social Entrepreneurs including: Nicole Rycroft (the woman who ensured Harry Potter and the Globe and Mail are printed on 'green' paper;  Allyson Hewitt social impress ario at MaRS in Toronto;  Vickie Cammack founder and CEO TYZE;  Nicole Zummach co-founder of SEE Change; and Loretta Cella founder of the Passion Foundation.

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