Taking Care – It’s In Our Nature

Natural care is heart work, accompanied by joy, grace, and tenderness.  It can also be messy, unyielding and decidedly unglamorous.  And it is playing teeter totter with an elephant.

Natural care is the topic of a webinar I will be presenting Wednesday December 7th at 9:00 (PST) Noon (EST) GMT (8:00).  Free Registration Here. The webinar is part of SIG's Social Impact Series which are available for download here.

The elephant? Professional, institutional caregiving.

Despite the fact the majority of care in Canada is provided naturally, freely and intimately the bulk of financial resources are allocated to professional, paid caregiving. Yet you cannot deliver care the way McDonalds makes burgers.  Natural care is the complete opposite – customized, intuitive, messy, nurturing, tailored, emotional.  And it is what most of us want. Sadly natural care is invisible as a serious public policy issue.  Even though it defines us as a species, as a country, as a society and as an individual.

The webinar last an hour.  I'm looking forward to sharing the insights of talented advocates and researchers and offering a few reflections on making natural care a societal priority.  There will be ample time for discussion and your contribution.

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