The Power of Disability

My new book The Power of Disability was published in February just before the pandemic hit. Momentum had started, reviews were positive, and book concerts featuring local artists with disability were lined up.

Covid put all that on hold. Book sales in general nose dived carrying The Power of Disability with it. 

The good news is that the book industry has recovered. Authors I admire like Christa Couture, Seth Klein and Harvey McKinnon have made a successful shift to virtual promotion.

And I’m joining them with a friendly reminder that The Power of Disability would make a great gift for family, friends or for the people in your classroom, board room, book group, virtual conference, training program, Queen’s Gambit club …

There’s been some nice magazine feedback about the book:

  • The folks at Porchlight books created a manifesto out of my book called  The Disability Advantage on Dec 3rd, The International Day of Disabled People.
  • Forbes magazine columnist Jonathan Kaufman suggested The Power of Disability is a must read for those wanted to end polarization in US politics.
  • Business Insider listed The Power of Disability as one of 12 books for managers to read if they want to build diverse and happy teams.

And nice reviews from readers:

Just finished your book – I’ve been reading it slowly – like an aperitif that you roll over in your mouth to let the experience sink in. PP

There’s so much love in each sentence. KR

The collection is so very impressive, and such a powerful rebuttal of the narrative of lives “not worth living”. An immensely important contribution. CF

Thank you for writing a book that is changing our son’s view of himself. Not even through the first chapter and already he is deeply connecting to the stories he is hearing. CI

When I understood that my son has what others called a disability, fun flew out the window as professionals talked to me in serious tones. Today, they can just give a copy of The Power of Disability to parents…. But whilst at it, give it also to politicians, policy analysts, decision makers, leaders and community. AJ

The Power of Disability is available wherever books are sold. Click here for all your choices.

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