In the Spirit of Easter – Peace Begins With Me

In the spirit of Easter I ask you to vote for my friend Ted Kuntz to become the next spiritual author. As winner, Ted would get a publishing contract with Hampton Roads Publishing, a major publisher of spiritual and self help books. More important, the world would be introduced to this precious, wise man.

I have known Ted for over two decades as a father, peace activist, award winning community inventor, psychotherapist, inspirational speaker and now best selling author.  I watched Ted embrace the craft of writing methodically, carefully, and deliberately.  For two years he taped every presentation, went home listened, reviewed, revised and learned how to write in clear compelling language. The result, Peace Begins With Me, a book I paid tribute to as follows:

"Those of us who seek peace in our lives and
yearn for more peace in our world need look no further than this candid
exploration of one man's personal journey to discover the source of his
own peace. It is bound to inspire." 

Ted's journey is one many of us can identify with.  From anger, and grief when his son Josh became disabled to a life embodying peace.

Have a look at Ted's website.  Read his book when you get a chance.

And if you like what you see please vote.  It will take less than a minute.</span

PS: if you click on the link above you can also connect to a You-Tube video of one of Ted's speeches on peace.  You'll quickly learn why I voted for Ted.

Happy Easter!

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