We’re Building a Cathedral (1)

The Family arm of the Disability Movement in British Columbia has a long and fruitful history. 

Together we have: closed all institutions and segregated schools and invented numerous organizations, services and programs to enhance the safety and well being of our family members. But we have never written our history, shared, studied and learned from it. So we are launching a ‘Family Movement’ Wiki encyclopedia. 

This Wiki is an opportunity: to study the deep patterns of successful social movements all over the world to write, honour and learn from the history of the family arm of the disability movement around the world and in British Columbia; and finally to chart the direction for the next stage of the family movement in British Columbia. 

We encourage all students of social movements to contribute their knowledge, links, pictures etc. to this WIKI and help us revive a strong family movement. And of course we would benefit from your connections, suggestions and background on the history of the ‘family movement’ in British Columbia or wherever you live.   Better still, if you live outside BC why don’t you submit an entry for the history of the family movement in your area?

 The link to the Wikipedia entry is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_Movement

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