What Would You Say in 7 Minutes?

I have a great speaking opportunity on June 9th.  A large audience; co-presenting with some of the most creative people in Vancouver whose work is influencing the world.  The catch – I have only 7 minutes .

The event is the first public salon hosted by former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan and his Global Civic Policy Society.  Sam has been doing small private salons for years – I've attended many.  They are always juicy, rich, provocative and endearing.  This one is quite different – it's happening at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre and it's on its way to being a full house.

As usual Sam has brought an eclectic mix of speakers together but knowing him, he expects a common theme to emerge.  Speakers include:

John Fluevog – the shoe god! the most original shoe designer I've ever come
across.  He makes the coolest shoes on the planet is funny, irreverent and a big jazz fan.There is a retrospective of his art deco inspired shoes currently on display at the Museum of Vancouver   They are worn by stars as well as folks like me!  Here is a short video  tour of his soul work. Ouch!

Marc Jaccard  – the cap and trade guy.  A consultant to BC's Premier Campbell on his carbon tax, carbon reduction agenda and a world expert on the carbon economy.  Here's an interesting interview with the environmentalist/economist who consults with governments world wide including China.  Also a recent article he authored in  Literary Review of Canada entitled – The Climate Change Olympics.

Others include:

  • Harj Sajjan – decorated veteran and former Major in Canada's Armed Forces.  Harj is Sikh with a thoughtful perspective on multiculturism.
  • Patrick Condon – expert on Sustainable Development as applied to cities.  I am a great admirer of his approach to designing liveable cities, especially his focus on high density along our public transportation corridors.  Think about how this would reduce the isolation and loneliness, more and more of us are experiencing by making it easy for us to stay in touch.
  • Rhena Sharon – an amazing pianist and singer with a variety of global connections including making music in Rwanda. I gather she will honour us with song on June 9th.
  • Aaron Stevens – Founder of the multi-national Nature's Path cereal company. He is one of the most down to earth, and charming public speakers I have ever heard.  From a small store on 4th Avenue to a global company – twice!
  • Michael Stevenson – President of Simon Fraser University – a leading participant in the re-development of Vancouver's urban centre including the Woodward's initiative.  He is retiring soon so expect to hear thoughtful reflections from one of our city's most respected leaders.
  • Douglas Todd – award winning Vancouver Sun journalist focusing on religion and philosophy. The first column I look for in the Saturday paper.

So what would you say in 7 minutes if you were me?  I could talk about belonging as another type of global warming.  Or how people with disabilities as an untapped resource for cleaning up the environment and saving our souls?  Or, Planet PLAN – the new organization I'm thinking of creating.??? Help me out.  What's the best fit with these accomplished speaker?  Please send your suggestions.  And remember every second counts!

And if you are in Vancouver on June 9th come and join us. Tickets are just $15.00 and can be ordered online or by calling 604-684-2787 or by e-mailing info@ticketstonight.ca .  

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  1. tim ames

    I would talk about:
    In todays world of “My space”, “You tube, Twitter, “Facebook” I am reminded of the beatles saying “All you need is love” and in so many way how being “More Connected” is actually creating “Less Connection” and more “Digital Isolation”.
    I wonder how much longer this can continue ? with the pressure on healthcare, education etc etc we can’t rely and nor should we on the Government to look after each other. We know that tree’s belong in the forest and people belong with each other in relationship loving and caring for each other. The next 10 years will see all kinds of advances that without thought will keep moving us away from actually looking after each other. Home Monitoring – Remote Doctors via Audio / Video – Automatic Pill Dispensers is this what we really want ?
    Then talk about the belonging centre, PLAN’s centre approach the RDSP and collaboration as the foundation and learnings
    Then Tyze as a way to bridge and create the seeds of belonging of linking our care and helping us to find our way back to using technology for what It should be for: Removing the barriers for us to be with and caring for each other……. In Person
    Lot’s there….. Well if I was talk that would be my 7 min of course with more thought and a couple of witty comments.

  2. Sean Moore

    I hope you post your 7 minute notes on your blog.
    Planet PLAN – I suspect I know where you’re going with this. How can I help?

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