Becoming Visible – the 2011 Collection

On February 16th I posted the updated collection adding new essays by Allyson Hewitt, Budd Hall, Cheryl Rose, Ilse Treurnicht and John Restakis. When you download the document below it will contain the revised of collection of 63 essay.

What better way to celebrate a new year than with the gift of reflection, projection and great ideas?

Fifty-eight of the people I profiled and referenced in my 2010 blogs responded to this question: What would you like to become more visible in 2010?

The result is a collection of highly original essays, personal reflections, intriguing opinions, moving insights, bold predictions and calls to action.  I hope you agree, they will provide food for thought and action in the months ahead.

You can download the complete collection here  Download Becoming VisiblePlease share and distribute to your friends and through your various networks.

To whet your appetite here is a list of the contributors:

Adam Kahane, Alison Loat, Andre Picard, Alexandra Samuel, Arthur Wood, Bob Williams, Brian Salisbury, Cairine Macdonald, Caroline Casey, Christian Bason, Cormac Russell, Daphne Nederhost, David Bornstein, David Eaves, David Roche, Delyse Sylvester, Denis Rowley, Don Cayo, Donna Thomson, Gordon Hogg, Gord Tulloch, Gregor Wolbring, Ian Curtin, Jacques Dufresne, Jennifer Corriero, Jessica Fraser, Joan Lawrence, John McKnight, John Mighton, Karim Harji, Leighton Jay, Linda Couture, Mark Kingwell, Nancy Hall, Paul Born, Paul Pholeros, Peter Block, Peter Deitz, Peter Nares, Ray Cohen, Richard Bridge, Richard Faucher, Richard Steckel, Sam Sullivan, Sean Moore, Shauna Sylvester, Shawn Smith, Sherri Torjman, Stacey Corriveau, Stefan Lorimer, Stephen Huddart, Steve Sunderland, Ted Kuntz, Theressa Etmanski, Tim Brodhead, Tim Draimin, Vickie Cammack and Victor Lachance.

May 2011 be your year to make your passions, pursuits and projects more visible.  HAPPY NEW YEAR

NOTE: I will release many of these as individual posts in the days ahead.  You can access them here or in the Becoming Visible section to the right of your screen.

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