Ted Kuntz – Becoming Visible 2011 – An Agent of Peace and Joy

Ted Kuntz is a community activist, disability advocate, psychotherapist and author of Peace Begins With Me.  Here is Ted's contribution to: What would you like to become more visible in 2011?   You can also Download Becoming Visible  -  the complete collection of 58 essays.  I recommend you read this essay in conjunction with Steve Sunderland's, Compassion and The Clean Souls of Egypt.

An Agent of Peace and Joy

As a student of human behaviour and an individual who has attempted to live consciously Iʼve learned some things about declaring oneʼs intentions for a new year. Iʼve learned the importance of focusing my intentions on my actions and perceptions. This is where our true power resides. 
Therefore, what I would like to see more of in 2011 is that I be an agent of peace and joy. Iʼve learned that it is easy to be peaceful and joyful when others around me are peaceful and joyful. The true test of mastery is whether I can be peaceful and joyful when others are not. 
This year I endeavour to be peaceful especially when those around me are angry and agitated. To maintain my joy especially when my children are exercising their capacity for choice and finding their power. To be respectful especially when the driver in front of me violates rules of courteous driving. To be in harmony especially when I am under assault from those who are fearful and living in unconscious and reactive ways. 
In 2011 I resolve to be peaceful, joyful and happy and it is my hope that by living in this way I inspire others to a similar path with the result we experience more peace and joy in this world. This is what I would like to see more of in 2011.
Wishing you a peaceful and joyful New Year.


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You can download the complete collection of Becoming Visible responses here: Download Becoming Visible.  Or by clicking the Becoming Visible Category on the right hand side of your screen.

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