Deanna Kawatski – How People With Disabilities Will Save the World

Clara and Me – The Story of an Unexpected Friendship by Deanna Kawatski is an enchanting story about the mysterious exchange of friendship.  Set in remote Northern British Columbia, Deanna longed for a female companion for eleven years.  Then Clara arrived!

"Knowing Clara showed me how friendships can arrive in surprise packages and how at the outset we see only the wrapping and not what is inside…

In the beginning I squirmed at the prospect of being in her company.  How far I moved beyond that initial impression! The meeting and gradual getting to know her was a window that opened up to a wider and wider view.  She was also a mirror for my own shortcomings and limited attitudes. She reflected me back and I learned when I was being dishonest, where I was weak and when I was strong.

Clara showed me how I might alter myself, where to remove some stitches here, to let the hem down there, to loosen the waistline on my robe of personal prejudices, and to let the garment unfold not so much a social outcast as a truly special human being."

              – Deanna Kawatski, Clara and Me, (pages 164-165)

This reflection is part of a new series: How People With Disabilities Will Save the World.  I look forward to your comments and welcome a guest contribution.  You can access the whole series by clicking the category: Save the World.

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