Maytree Foundation: Creating a Stronger Canada, 12th, On Poverty

Want to read 50 great ideas for protecting vulnerable Canadians while contributing to Canada's prosperity?  Then have a look at the Maytree Foundation's, just released Charting Prosperity: Practical Ideas for a Stronger Canada.  It stems from Maytree's belief that:

Poverty represses the human spirit and bears paralyzing costs to society.  Maytree is committed to fighting poverty by developing program and policy solutions which are based on the real-life experiences of the most vulnerable in society.

Much of the social policy analysis in this country, particularly around poverty stems from organizations Maytree has created or supported like the Caledon Institute of Social Policy; Tamarack Institute for Social Engagement; Refugee Forum at the University of Ottawa; Diaspora Dialogues and the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC).

The more than 50 policy proposals were gathered from the above groups, other Maytree grantees and Maytree's own expertise.  They seek to ensure:

  • those who are sick, disabled or out of work are able to
    maintain their standard of living and that they are provided
    with the supports they need to live in dignity
  • residents of Canada are protected from violence, protected
    from the indignities of poverty, and assured that their basic
    rights are always respected
  • all residents have an equal opportunity to contribute to their
    local communities and to lead organizations which affect
    their well-being and that of their children
  • immigrants and refugees are welcomed and encouraged to
    make Canada their home, and supported to be fully engaged

Download Maytree's-Charting Prosperity:Practical Ideas for a Stronger Canada

Join Alan Broadbent, Chairman, Maytree, and Sherri Torjman, Vice-President, Caledon Institute of Social Policy, on May 12 at 10:00-11:00 EST for an online discussion about poverty-reduction ideas from Charting Prosperity: Practical Ideas for a Stronger Canada. Space is limited. RSVP online,

Poverty Series

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(8) Patsy George: A Happy Social Worker Has No Analysis

(9) Herb Barbolet: Eating for a Living

(10) Paul Born's Convening: A Prologue to Trust

(11) Jean Swansen: Standing Up to Poor Bashing

This is the twelveth in a series on poverty. Click Poverty to access the others.

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