Look! Who’s Talking? – Tips for Solution Based Advocacy (13)

The Cabinet Minister you have an appointment with may: love flying; play the trumpet in a marching band; volunteer building homes in South America; or have just been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. They may even keep a letter of resignation in their pocket because they expect to be out voted by Cabinet colleagues on a proposal they care deeply about and this may be the last straw. 

The public servant you are meeting may be an expert rose gardener; have adopted two children with special needs; taken a soccer team to the provincials; or be caring for an ailing Father.  Or they may have taken recommendations similar to yours to Cabinet several times and been 'shot down'.

They may all see themselves as acting in the public interest and fulfilling a noble calling.  And they will all love their grandchildren as much as you will.

Do you know who you are talking to?  Have you researched their background?  Have you taken the time to get to know them?  Can you imagine a caring son; loving mother; frightened cancer patient; passionate hobbyist or community volunteer sitting across from you?

PS: All the scenarios I mentioned above are based on personal experiences.

NOTE:  This is part of a series of posts on Solution Based Advocacy.  You can access all of them by clicking the Advocacy Category on the right hand side.  And please share with others.

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  1. Sean Moore

    … a great example of an important point, made brilliantly and exquisitely concise.

  2. Al Etmanski

    Thanks Sean – wouldn’t we all be more effective if we became interested in each other?

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