A Gesture of Appreciation – Tips for Solution Based Advocacy (50)

Is there a politician, editorial writer, public servant, fellow advocate, foundation staff person, competitor, colleague, business leader, funder, community activist, high profile commentator who did the right thing, took a stand, supported you, 'saw' what you are trying to do, went several extra kilometres, shifted the momentum, advanced the agenda, achieved a goal, silently corrected a wrong, committed themselves, challenged you …?

This would be a good time to thank them – to recognize our common interests, purpose, fragility and humanity. Whether you know them and have worked directly with them or have simply read, saw or heard what they are doing.  Sure there is lots more to do.  But you are not alone. And neither are they.

Give them the gift of sincere appreciation, acknowledgement and unqualified thanks.

Pick up some extra Christmas cards, write a note on scrap paper, phone them or even send them an e-mail.   Some of these are obviously more personal than others but all messages will be gratefully received.  Take a few moments, commit an hour.

Gestures like this, during times like these are special.  More special to you and them than you may realize.

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  1. Allyson Hewitt

    Done – thanks for the reminder Al and all the best to you,Vickie and your family. I look forward to many more inspirations from your blog in 2011. Writing something like this so frequently is not easy work (even if you make it seem so), your efforts to share your wisdom is deeply appreciated and more importantly, it makes in impact in how I and many others take action for social change.

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