Many of you have expressed appreciation for my blog posts sub titled: Tips for Solution Based Advocacy.  In response to your question: What is solution based advocacy? I offer the following working definition.   I acknowledge David Beers who gave me the idea. David is the Founding Editor of The Tyee ( ) and teaches at UBC's School of Journalism where he coined the phrase – solution oriented journalism.  Seemed like a concept worth borrowing.

Solution Based Advocacy- working definition

  • Proposes not opposes – the focus is on workable solutions
  • Believes in ethical decision making – understands the vast majority of issues are not: either/or; black/white;we/they but lie in the gray area in between.  Ethical decision making helps sort out competing principles and values
  • Accepts complexity: the complex environment that problems and challenges arise from; the complex systems we have created; the complex people we all are
  • Practices civility and respect rather than righteousness indignation
  • Strengthens relationships at the same time as it seeks solutions
  • Attacks the problem not the character of individuals
  • Is anchored by values of social and economic justice, not ideology or partisanship.

I'd appreciate your feedback on this definition which I will incorporate into a revised one.  And count on future Tips to expand on the points above.

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