Kirsteen Main – What Am I Skating Towards? – Getting My Poems Published

Here is poetry by Kirsteen Main for your Valentine's Day reading pleasure as well as her response to What are you skating towards in 2012?

Getting My Poems Published

29645_124232064254432_100000029163454_306809_8349293_nWhat I would be skating towards – if I could skate – would be finally getting my poems published. In a book.  For the whole world to read. I see this phenomenon as a way to put some pizzazz in my life!

I have been writing poetry since I was ten years old, sometimes as a life saver ( especially when I was a teenager.) Sometimes to share my opinions and views of life from my perspective.  Sometimes just for fun.

I have thought about publication so many times – and let it go so many times too. I turn 33 in 2012. Maybe this will be the year!

And then maybe, with the help of my friends, I’ll be able to skate.

Kind Words

Kind Words
Release the weighted feelings
You leave
Like a word leaves my soul
To become a poem.   (April 2011)

Beneath there is a Room

Beneath there is a room that I live in
It keeps me warm and safe
Are you going to come and visit?
There is enough space for two
I will give you tea and cookies
And listen to your stories
You can leave when you are ready
And I will dance until you return.  (November 2011)

Trees In Winter

In winter,

Trees are stark apertures

To the slate sky.

Their silhouettes

Are like black lace.

The wind moans

Through their branches

Tall, timeless trees. (December 1991 – Kirsteen’s first poem)

Kirsteen Main is a Vancouver based poet.  More of her poems are available on her website.

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  1. patrick o'neill

    Beautiful words, Kirsteen. Thank you.

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