Civility and Speaking Up: Tips for Solution Based Advocacy (6)

Mark Kingwell believes a decline in civility is unhealthy for our Democracy and I agree. Being civil is not about being polite, or being nice or not offending. There is an ethic of substance behind civility. Civility accepts that we … Read More

Be Political not Partisan – Tips for Solution Based advocacy (5)

When I was a young activist eager to take on all the dragons who were resisting the closure of institutions in British Columbia, I got the 'bright' idea to intervene in a provincial by-election.  I had studied tactics of the … Read More

One Hand in the Soil – The Other the Sky – Tips for Solution Based Advocacy (4)

Solution based advocacy keeps one hand in the soil while stretching the other to the sky.  It addresses the specific social and economic justice issue(s) experienced by a particular group of people, while at the same time expanding opportunities to … Read More

What is Solution Based Advocacy? (1)

Many of you have expressed appreciation for my blog posts sub titled: Tips for Solution Based Advocacy.  In response to your question: What is solution based advocacy? I offer the following working definition.   I acknowledge David Beers who gave me … Read More

You Can’t Always Get What you Want… Tips for Solution Based Advocacy (3)

President Obama's health care reform bill provides insights to public policy advocates on celebrating partial victories.  The fact is, not all our advocacy efforts are successful; few are transformative; and many are simply incremental, flawed with compromises.  It's clear the … Read More

Whatever Happened to ‘Thank You’? Tips for Solution Based Advocacy (2)

Recently we have had a large number of Throne Speeches; Budgets; and other Government announcements. Some of these have contained good news for the community sector but you would be hard pressed to read or hear about it. Have you … Read More