Tips for Solutions Based Advocacy

Change is inevitable, growth is optional. ~ Marsha Forest & Jack Pearpoint

You Have More Power Than You Think

You have more power to achieve the changes you are after than you think. Not as much as you might like. But more than you realize. The trick is to claim it. And not let the boundaries of that power … Read More

The Lakehead of Democracy

When I was growing up there were a couple of small sized cities at the head of Lake Superior named Port Arthur and Fort Williams. Everyone referred to them affectionately as the “Lakehead.” Including the people who lived there. The … Read More

After the Black Out

The impact was dramatic. First we lost all our government funding as part of an omnibus bill within a massive restraint program. Then we were obliged to submit to a long onerous and time consuming Income Tax audit. The third … Read More

Preston Manning’s Barometer of Canada

It is worth paying attention to Preston Manning.  His impact on Canada over the last twenty-five years is profound.  He created a political movement from scratch and founded two political parties (Reform Party and the Reform-Conservative Alliance ) which became … Read More

Why Government Needs our Help

The central characteristic of most advocacy is to get the right proposition in front of government and to lobby for its acceptance and implementation.  However even when a commitment to action is secured there is often a failure to implement.  … Read More

Patsy George – A Happy Social Worker Has No Analysis. 8th, On Poverty

Patsy George is the social worker we all wish we could be.  She has spent more than four decades pursuing social and economic justice in Canada and globally.  She worked for the provincial government in British Columbia for most of … Read More

Sean Moore – Becoming Visible 2011 – Improving the Lives of Canada’s First Nations people

Sean Moore is Canada's most experienced practionner, advisor, writer and teacher about public policy advocacy.  For the past several years he has devoted his time to assisting civil society organizations upgrade their lobby and advocacy skills.  To that end he … Read More

Delyse Sylvester – Becoming Visible 2011 – Making Change Through Tri-Sector Partnerships

Delyse Sylvester is Director of Community with Ashoka's Changemakers.  Changemakers is a remarkable vehicle for convening people using an on line platform and mobilizing their creativity to solve tough problems.  In this context she was called to lead a Changemakers … Read More

A Gesture of Appreciation – Tips for Solution Based Advocacy (50)

Is there a politician, editorial writer, public servant, fellow advocate, foundation staff person, competitor, colleague, business leader, funder, community activist, high profile commentator who did the right thing, took a stand, supported you, 'saw' what you are trying to do, … Read More

Uploading versus Downloading – Tips for Solution Based Advocacy (49)

What we need is a new model of citizenship based on the act of participation itself, not on some quality or thought or right enjoyed by its possessor.  This participatory citizenship doesn't simply demand action from existing citizens; it makes … Read More